About Us


Our History

We started out as a couple of softball-playing buddies in Chicago. Although we come from very different backgrounds, we have found common ground in our belief that life should be enjoyed, and that humor (and beer) is often the best aphrodisiac. This philosophy is the driving force behind our products.

At its core, GAFY’s goal is to connect people…and our products create the perfect icebreakers. Say what’s really on your mind. Have the perfect line in a crowded bar. Be the life of the party. Put a smile on a stranger’s face. Whatever the case, make a statement and provoke conversation. What better way to make a connection?

So if you're the brave individual who flips drivers off under the dash, waits until hanging up to say what you really think, or just likes to meet strangers, then you surely should be using GAFY in your everyday life.


Why a Duck?

Why not?! Maybe it's for the simple reason that "DUCK" is a four letter word!

Actually, there is a valid explanation involving the disappearance of a box of rubber duckies from a charity event in Montana; however, a gag order from the late 1970s prohibits us from providing further details. Suffice it to say…it’s a duck...and if you have some unreasonable fear of ducks, we suggest you find someone else to do your GAFY shopping.

In the immortal words of GAFY’s President, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”



El Capitan

Shawn, GAFY’s fearless President, is the black sheep of a large catholic family from Montana, although, there is a rumor he was actually born in Kansas. (This has never been confirmed—not even by his own parents.) This uncertainty probably accounts for his affinity for both corn-fed women and farm animals.

A graduate of Montana State University, El Capitan has many years of experience in product engineering, project management, sales, and CRM. A huge fan of summer festivals, partying because it’s the last Wednesday of the week, and being a smart ass, Shawn quickly learned that Chicago was the place for him. He is driven to save other people the stress of his intensive research over the years—research you see reflected in many of GAFY’s products.

Chief Ops Guy & Master Pimp

David hails from Ohio, yet like El Capitan, he calls Chicago his home. An alum of Case Western Reserve and Ohio State, our Master Pimp is an avid fan of Buckeye football and living life to its fullest. He is also the subject of most of GAFY’s self-deprecating humor.

David has held management positions in product engineering, process optimization, financial reporting, and supply chain management within several of the world’s largest companies, but currently, our Chief Operating Officer is researching the effects of alcohol on his bank account.


GAFY is dedicated to continued research for the betterment of humankind. So, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or words of wisdom you have gleaned in this thing we call life, feel free to contact us.

Don’t take life too seriously and try to have fun with it…

The GAFY Guy