Cool Shirts

Why You Should Wear Cool Shirts this Summer

If you are already thinking about the beach, the pool and summer parties then you need to start thinking about what you are going to wear and some cool shirts should be part of that summer wardrobe. Cool shirts are fun to wear all year long but especially in the warm and relaxed summer months. While any shirt can be cool, you might want to think about some of the practical uses of some specific types of shirts.


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Dating and Drinking

Summer partying and summer romance are two of the best things about the summer months. You can make the summer even more fun by letting other people know that you are interested in partying and / or romance by wearing a cool T-shirt.

* Pick Up Lines: Are you interested in meeting someone for a little summer romance? There are novelty T-shirts available to help advertise your availability or your particular romantic skills. They are an easy way to break the ice and let people know that you are interested in some action. Some of the T-shirts are more subtle than others and can be chosen to reflect your personality.

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* Drinking Themes: Let’s face it those summer parties would not be the same without some cold beer or frozen drinks. Celebrate the season and your partying prowess with a T-shirt. You can wear it to the beach or to the pool during the day and who knows what parties you will be invited to at night? Or, you can wear it to your nighttime parties and who knows who may buy you a drink.

Politics and Social Causes

While many cool shirts have to do with pick up lines and drinking not all of them do. There are also lots of cool shirts that can help you promote your favorite political candidates, political messages or social causes.

* Political Themes: Political cartoons have long been a source of amusement. Why not wear one on your T-shirt for all who see you to enjoy? Or, wear a T-shirt with your favorite candidate on it. Or, you can simply wear a T-shirt that invites people to get out and vote in the next election.

* Favorite Causes: There are cool T-shirts available for almost every social cause and if you can’t find one for your particular favorite cause then consider creating your own. Some popular types of causes that are seen on T-shirts include promoting Earth Day and fundraiser activities such as AIDS walks and Cancer walks and bicycle rides.

Any of these types of shirts can be a great ice breaker. Imagine that you are at a pool party where you don’t know too many people. Your cool shirt can be a great way to start a conversation with a potential date or friend. It doesn’t matter if your T-shirt suggests drinking or dating or if it promotes a candidate or a cause. Either way you might meet people that are interested in your shirt and what it has to say. So, add some cool shirts to your wardrobe and enjoy the summer!