Design Your Own T-Shirt

Know Your Audience When you Design your Own T-shirt

It is often a great idea to design your own T-shirt for a corporate or personal event. T-shirts that are personalized for a company or social event are great mementos and advertising materials. However, if you are in the position of designing those T-shirts then you might be overwhelmed. There are many different things to consider when you are designing T-shirts. For example, you need to consider your audience, materials and design.

Design Your Own T-Shirt at GAFY

Consider Your Audience

Your audience is the first and perhaps the most important thing that you have to consider. All of the rest of your decisions will be based on understanding your audience. It will guide you as you choose your materials, your graphics and your words. For example, if you want to design your own T-shirt for an investment bankers annual picnic then your design will be different then it would be if you operate a nightclub and you are designing a T-shirt for your grand opening. Likewise, your T-shirt design will be different if you designing a shirt for a bachelorette party or your church retreat.

Think About the Materials and Design

What type of T-shirt are you going to create? Are you interested in a classic and conservative Polo style shirt with a collar and a few buttons at the neck? Or a traditional and versatile crew neck? Or a different style such as a V-neck or a boat neck shirt? The answers to all of these questions will depend on your audience. In the examples provided above, the investment bankers would probably prefer the crew neck, the nightclub might prefer a V neck and any of the 4 groups would be equally comfortable in a crewneck shirt.

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After you decide which type of T-shirt that you want then it is time to think about what you are going to use to create your design. Some common choices are embroidery, screen printing and direct to garment printing. You need to decide on graphics, logos and words. And, as with the type of shirt you pick, all of your choices will depend in part on your intended audience.

Think About Where to Buy Your Shirts

There are so many choices available and so many decisions to make when you are designing your T-shirts. It is because of those choices that it matters where you buy your T-shirts. A good T-shirt store will be able to guide you through all of these choices. They should be able to help you develop ideas. They might even engage in brainstorming sessions with you so that you know that you are getting creative and unique designs.

After the design concept has been created, a good T-shirt store will create a prototype and submit it to you for your review so that you know exactly what has been developed and what you are ordering for your intended audience.

Once you’ve identified your audience and a good T-shirt store to help you develop your shirts then you are right to start to design your own T-shirt and have fun with the process.