Funny T-Shirts

Why You and Your Friends Need Funny T-Shirts

Funny T-shirts are great ways to show off your personality and to have fun with clothes. You might get a chuckle out of wearing your favorite funny T-shirts and you might meet some great friends who enjoy your sense of humor. But, what is it that makes some T-shirts really funny and attractive and other T-shirts boring and not memorable? And who is wearing them?

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Take a look around you the next time you are walking down the street. Look carefully at what people are wearing. Think about how many black, white and gray T-shirts you see. You’ll probably look twice at someone who is wearing pink, orange or another vibrant color. Then, you’ll look away because while a little color is a nice contrast to the usual neutral colored T-shirts many people seem to be fond of wearing, the colors are really not much more exciting than a box of crayons.

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The T-shirts that you will remember may be far and few between but they are the ones that make you laugh. A funny T-shirt reflects the wearer’s personality in a way that any solid color or even floral or striped shirt could never match.

What Makes a T-Shirt Funny?

A funny T-shirt might have a catchy graphic or a graphic with a few well placed words. It doesn’t really matter. There isn’t a particular style of T-shirt that makes the shirt funny. Any T-shirt can be funny if it communicates a joke that is clever enough to illicit laughter yet common enough to be understood.

There are many different subject matters for humorous T-shirts. Same favorite topics include: politics, TV shows, movies, partying, drinking and sexual jokes. Some of these T-shirts might be funny in one place but another. For example, a political or movie T-shirt might be funny in a high school but a drinking or sexual shirt would probably not amuse the teachers. It is important to know your audience and to wear funny T-shirts in places where they will be appreciated and you will be noticed favorably for your individual sense of humor.

Who is Wearing Funny T-shirts? There are many different funny shirts on the market and it takes a confident person who has a good sense of humor to wear them. People know that. If they see you wearing a funny T-shirt about drinking, dating or even politics or a social issue then they probably assume that you are a fun person and will be more likely to talk to you. You will seem approachable and people who find your shirt amusing will think that you might be a fun person to chat with and get to know.

A funny T-shirt also makes a great gift for a friend. It shows your friend that you understand his or her sense of humor. It’s a great and personal gift that your friend is sure to enjoy.

So, if you are looking for that perfect gift or for a way to spice up your own wardrobe then consider purchasing some funny T-shirts to show off your sense of humor.