Offensive T-Shirts

Wear Offensive T-Shirts With Pride

It takes a certain type of personality to be able to wear rude t-shirts. Do you wear offensive T-shirts? Do your parents, your teachers or strangers on the street give you a hard time about wearing offensive shirts? Well, the next time someone tells you to take off an offensive T-shirt, try responding to them in one of the following ways.

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Tell Them To Mind Their Own Business

Really, you should be able to wear whatever kind of T-shirt that you want to wear. When you wear an offensive t-shirt, it is because you like them. Unless you are willing to wear a boring beige, a classic plaid or a neutral color shirt then you risk offending someone with your choice of clothes. Offensive can be defined as causing anger or annoyance. Ask people to think about that. What is offensive to one person is not offensive to all people. Obviously the T-shirt that you are wearing is not offensive to you or you would not be wearing it.

Tell Them That You Are Protecting Freedom of Speech

If some of your criticizers need a legal reason to get off your case about the T-shirts that you wear then tell them to review the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The U.S. Constitution protects free speech and that includes written words on T-shirts. Of course, it is best that you use common sense and follow the law and rules of your school or workplace, but it is your right to wear funny and offensive t-shirts.

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Tell Them that You Will Get Them an Offensive Shirt For Their Next Birthday

Maybe the people who are complaining need to join in the fun. Browse your favorite online store for offensive shirts and chose carefully. You want to pick a T-shirt that is offensive and bold but that it not offensive to the person for whom you are buying it. For example, if you know that the person is sensitive about her weight then that is not a good type of shirt to purchase for her. Maybe a drinking T-shirt or T-shirt that makes fun of a political party would be more her speed. No matter what you choose, offensive teesare always an excellent gift.

Of course, offensive T-shirts are meant to illicit a reaction. You might mean them to convey a serious message that happens to be offensive to some people. Or you might mean them to be funny but they just happen to offend some people with more puritan beliefs than you. You can’t please all the people all the time and there will always be someone who takes offense to yourrude t-shirts.

So, it is in your best interest to know your audience. Church, school and work are probably the wrong place to wear offensive T-shirts. Yet, that does not mean that you need to hide in your house and only wear your offensive shirts in front of a few select people. You can wear your shirts to parties, to the beach or to the mall. If people don’t like what you are wearing then they can simply turn their heads away and look elsewhere. The chances are good that you will find some people who admire your offensive T-shirt as well as some who find it offensive.

If you enjoy offensive T-shirts then by all means wear them proudly but make sure that you know your audience and wear them in appropriate places so that they have their intended effect. And to any naysayers, tell them there is nothing wrong with wearingoffensive tee shirts.