Rude T-Shirts

Rude T-shirts are Cool But Not For School

Should you be allowed to wear rude T-shirts to school? Rude T-shirts are a lot of fun and should be worn with pride and confidence but they should not be worn to school. That is not to say that you should not have a wardrobe full of rude shirts. You should because they are funny and cool and they are great to wear when you are hanging out with your friends. However, you should have a few other shirts in your closet to wear to school.

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If Rude Shirts are So Cool Then Why Shouldn’t I Wear Them to School?

Quite honestly, you shouldn’t wear rude shirts to school because it isn’t worth the hassle. Many schools have policies that prevent students from wearing clothing that is offensive to others and may be disruptive to the educational process. Many courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have weighed in on this issue.

While the courts are divided on how strict a dress code may be, it is clear that if school administrators think that there is a reasonable chance that the T-shirt might cause a substantial disruption to school activities or invade the others in the school community then it can be prohibited by a dress code.

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You shouldn’t have to worry yourself about the legal test or even the complexities of your own school’s dress code. If you think your shirt could possibly violate the dress code then don’t wear it school. It certainly isn’t worth getting in trouble over.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to wear a drab solid T-shirt or a boring or conservative collared shirt to school every day. Attending a public school should not mean that you have to leave your personality at home. You should be able to express yourself and draw attention to yourself in a way that is not offensive or disruptive. You might consider other novelty T-shirts such as those that display movie or TV show themes that are not offensive. You might also consider wearing cool T-shirts that proudly display your favorite cause such as those that celebrate Earth Day or encourage people to raise money for cancer research.

Of course, none of these means that you shouldn’t purchase and wear rude T-shirts outside of school. They’re fun to wear and get all sorts of attention. You can wear them to non school related sporting events or to parties or to the beach. Really, you can wear them anywhere so long as they don’t violate the rules and they are not inappropriate for the occasion. For example, a rude T-shirt is probably as inappropriate for church or a young child’s birthday party as it is for school. If you use a little common sense about where you wear your rude T-shirt then you will be all set.

Rude shirts are meant to be worn and enjoyed. They are also meant to be provocative and illicit a reaction from people that see you. So, think carefully about the rude T-shirts that you buy and think about where you wear them so that you can have fun with them without getting yourself into any trouble.