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Chicago 2016 Olympics Shirts? We’ll Know in 24 Hours!

Posted by – October 1, 2009

It’s time to bite your nails! With less than 24 hours until the International Olympic Committee makes its announcement on who will host the 2016 Summer Olympiad, one thing is clear: the race is getting tighter. What looked to be a lay-up for Chicago only a few weeks ago has turned into quite the competition. While it doesn’t look like Madrid and Tokyo have much of a chance, odds-makers favor Chicago (8/11 and 2/5) over Rio de Janiero (9/5 and 11/4).

You can see the odds at BoDog or OddsBet, and there’s a great article from yesterday at that states:

The punters at Betfair are pretty sure that the Obama-factor will be a major turning point for the IOC but the fact that Brazil will be hosting the World Cup in 2014 could be a mitigating factor. Surely though, Brazil’s problems with gang violence, crime and poverty will work against them because Chicago doesn’t have any‚Ķ. Oh wait, yeah it does.

The last time the US hosted the Olympics in 1996 and there was only one bombing, which is pretty good by American standards in the mid 90s.

Currently, Chicago is listed at 1.75 while Rio De Janeiro is trading at around 3.15 to be awarded the games. These two look like virtually the only cities with a shot at it, as the next closest competitor is Madrid at 12.0. Tokyo is really the only other possible selection and they carry a price of 15.5. Prague is trading at 500.0 so they are virtually out of it and Doha and Baku are both listed at 1000.0. For a bit of perspective, Any Other City is listed at 360.0, which tells you something about the bids prepared by Doha and Baku.

What does this mean to YOU? It means…It’s time to get your 2016 Chicago Olympics Shirts before they SELL OUT!

We love the collection at because it contains traditional designs like:

But also fun, unique, and abstract designs like:

Other fan favorites are among the French Jeux Olympiques Tshirts and Spanish Juegos Olimpicos Camisas.

These designs are available in 18 styles for men and women, and in a rainbow of colors. Quantities are limited so get yours now and celebrate what is certain to be a Chicago victory. Don’t wait until they sell out!

Sweet Home Chicago 2016!

NEW Chicago Olympics 2016 Shirts!

Posted by – September 30, 2009

The bid is on! Show your support for bringing the Olympics home to Chicago in 2016 by sporting one of our killer new 2016 Olympics shirts.

You knew we couldn’t just sit idly by while our very own Chicago duked it out on a global scale to win the bid for Olympics host in 2016! Hell no, we got off our asses and threw together a whole slew of awesome shirts! Help bring the Olympics home in 2016!


2016 Chicago Olympics Shirts, Jeux Olympiques Tees, and Juegos Olimpicos Camisas

Posted by – September 29, 2009

On Friday, October 2, 2009, the International Olympic Committee will award Chicago, Illinois the 2016 Chicago Summer Olympic Games. While this is certainly a blow to Rio de Janeiro who hoped to host the first-ever Olympics in South America, it wasn’t quite so difficult for Madrid and Tokyo to swallow as odds-makers didn’t give them much of a chance. This is quite a win for the United States which has struggled to improve its image throughout the international community.

Some of you may wonder why in the world would Chicago host the Olympic Games. While everyone knows it’s called “The Windy City” and that it has a history of corruption and crime, unless you’ve been there, you probably don’t know what Chicago has to offer.

Among impressive items in its resume, Chicago boasts the nation’s third largest population (8,500,000 in the greater Chicagoland area), one of the world’s busiest airports (O’Hare), Lincoln Park (at 1208 acres, it’s 365 acres larger than New York’s Central Park), and 4 of the nation’s 6 tallest buildings. Let’s not forget it has one of the most spectacular skylines in the world.

While it’s already quite a international attraction, look how Chicago plans to transform itself. It’s very impressive.

Ok, enough about that. Let’s talk about why you’re here: Chicago Olympics Shirts

GAFY is offering some very cool olympics tees for men and women. They are in English, such as this one which features Chicago’s tallest buildings:

Here is a Juegos Olimpicos camisa in Spanish

And here is a Jeux Olympiques Tshirt in French

To see all of GAFY’s 2016 Olympics Tees check out!

P.S. Congratulations Chicago!

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